Thursday, July 23, 2009

My luck started to change

I was beating the bushes for some leads.

I started connecting with some of the locals in my new neighbourhood.

with the ex
Dropped by and saw the ex-lady since I was feeling big-hearted and since I heard she'd come into some cash. Look at that kid, she says it's mine. I have my doubts. But she gave me a lead on a job. (And by job I mean job, not heist. I'm clean I swear.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Onto the fall

Eventually I started to run low on dinero and good times.


The bar for fine dining started declining you might say.

My parole officer gave me a job lead. But wood isn't my thing. Gold, yes. I hardly lasted a week.

Summer started to wind down.

And I was going to the dogs to be honest. I even thought of stealing from the blind. But that would too low even for me. Beside I couldn't get into the mutt.

Oops, a picture Jessica took at her place. How'd that get in there?

Anyway I had to keep up the old team spirit. My luck was bound to change and it did.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How the rest of that summer went

Once I was a free monkey again, I threw myself into the good life.

Fine dining...

Pretty jewels for the lady.

Flowers, whatever she wants.

Do you know how much sky there is up there? Even sun on gravel felt amazing. (Plus it would double as camoflouge, should that double-crossing El Tigre come around.)

I just soaked it in. I hung around in the park for days, drinking only the purest things.

Occasionally even the not so pure things till I was swinging from the closest thing to lampshades that I could find.

Ah good times.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back.

I kept you waiting, didn't I?


I've been thinking. And that can take a monkey a while. As things went, I've had a lot of time.

I can go pretty wild in my mind.
Crazy-mad, I tell ya. The schemes and dreams I come up with...

But too wild and one's body gets into a mess of trouble.

We were just goofing around, officer. If it's my job to do no evil I think we're in trouble. Cops don't seem to look kindly on the joke. Can you think of more flimsy circumstantial for getting their attention? What, are there no crosswalks that need policing?

I mean honestly, how is the monkey being spanked, the monkey's fault?

Well, there was that one other small matter. I always have been an appreciator of the arts. If she would have just given me the painting, the whole heist would have been unnecessary.

But how was I to know the Princess had installed an alarm system? I think El Tigre was in cahoots with her. Entrapment, I say.

Well, I got out eventually. Now I'm back to my adoring fans. I'm not stealing anything but hearts.

Life's good. Here's a shot of me with my new girlfriend. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. She looks a little young to you, but she'll get older and fatten up some.

But this all is old news, if you've met me before. I'll recap some of the rest of the highlights of 2006 before we move on.