Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 Weeks Flying high

The open road.
Monk on the dash
Ron thought I should get off the dash but there was good sun there.

I'm with the ticket for Chambord Castle and the toll booth ticket for the highway. It was 13 Euros for the highway between Paris and Chambord. The arrows point at me but do I look like someone with pockets?

Ron didn't take a picture of us at our trip there. Ah well, maybe we can photoshop ourselves in later.

Look down, way down. It's Paris, Ron.

seeing our course
Here I am on the flight looking with our trajectory. Back to Montreal. What do you mean Montreal's not in the picture? Why didn't you say say scooch over?

flight path

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hitting the Beaches

beach time with a buddy
It's 27 degrees but my little bud still won't come out of his Rhino suit but that's fine. We love him just the same, don't we?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Goofing off by the river with Ron we nearly got beaned by the nuts when the wind got up.

balancing an acorn on the nose
Look Man, I can balance an acorn on my nose.

(Never mind his get up. Ron's got a Dali complex going on about Rhinos.)

just before being eaten
It was pretty quiet for a while but while Ron was trying to get my picture with this waterfall, I just about got tore to bits.

This was just before I was eaten, nearly. There was this huge white dog that ran toward me and nearly snatched me while my back was turned.

Where's Ron get off to? Taking cover naturally.

ron by the river

Thanks for getting my back man.

Monk in Metro
It makes the Metro and its pickpockets seem tame by comparison. Mother Nature has PMS, I tell ya.

Never a quiet moment for long. Especially when guitars are cheap and accessible. There are some buskers singing the trains that make a good case for sitting mute with a cup instead of working for the centimes, I tell ya.