Friday, February 12, 2010

The Date

The waiter was gracious enough to take a picture of us together. Here I am pulling the turban over her eyes.

Yeah, I know. She don't look like much, and is about as wide as she is tall and about as much personality as she looks to have.
But brother, is she ever stinking rich.

And she packs a Polaroid camera in that carpetbag of hers. Who does that? Like I want evidence.

It's not like she'll ever find this blog. Or anyone else for that matter.

Jessica was more fun. Remember Jess?

peekaboo, jessica?
Came across a photo she took, back in the good old days, playing peekaboo in the store before the staff got all brassy and gave us da boot.

Ah well, need more cowbell next week.

Your e-cad,

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you are [bold & underlined] a
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