Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back on the job

Do I look like I'm getting plumber's gut? Too much rabbit fricassee lately.

I think I'm all out of little helpers so I get paired with this ape today. He'll do.

You knew I'm a plumber by trade, right? I'm good especially for handymonkey jobs where you don't ask too many questions about paperwork. It suits me fine. When I need cash to tide me over between other jobs, it's reliable.


Jayne said...

Pearl- Thank you for stopping by Suburban Soliloquy the other day. I'm not sure where to start with your blogs, so I think I'll just start here, to tell you that this monkey blog of yours is absolutely hysterical. And charming. And makes me laugh out loud. Or quietly smile. It's a gem, Pearl. (And I have a feeling, a gem that will morph into a hard-covered diamond in the rough).

As are your poems. :)

Pearl said...

thanks Jayne!