Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Yah, so as I was saying? before I was so rudely interrupted by life?

Yeah, I went straight.

boarded by monk
Straight to a few iron ladies' hearts.

(This one had a heart of brass. But that's another story.)

I brushed up on my sophisticated side with some reading. Ladies like a brain not just the brawn of my physique.
Olson and Monkey

I worked with Mike for a while.
He said I was a monkey on his back. That job gave me plenty of time to think since talking shop wasn't exactly onerous. Nice word onerous.

monkey regression
I fell into a bit of recursive thinking.

I got to dreaming of bigger better places.
monk dreams of where next

And when you dream it, life brings the teachers. That's another story.

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