Monday, January 18, 2010

A Travelling Monk

So, as I was saying, I fell in with some people. Being at the right place at the right time. He was booking and I said, bring me.
assisted job search

beddie-byes on KLM
Sometimes all you have to do is being charming and ask for what you want. I hitched a ride with them.

Now I did have a clue that this might work.

bit of orchestral culture
It worked with asking them to take me to a symphony.

So the trip...
Monk in air
Ready? Never more so in my life.

We saw all kinds of places.
Monk has a pint

Monk with celebrity
I got my picture taken with this furless femme, but even with all my charisma, it got me no where with this one.

new friend
I didn't get the maid's name but I have this memento of her tool and she has memories of mine.

secret chat
See, I'm not all lady's man. I am a guy's guy too.

checking the levels
Did I mention beer?

no, no, no Monk
There was drinking to be had, but water is too late at this point to thin my pulsing red beer any.

I saw London, I saw France, I saw ladies' underpants. (This would be, y'know, some old church.)

Here's a bit climbing my old ruins over old ruins in Rome.
We buzzed thru the continent so fast, it was like being on the run again. Good times.

Coming home was a bit rough. Mental note: Ingratiate self relentlessly. You are never home safe until you're home.

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